Disclaimer 免責聲明

Disclaimer 免責聲明
  1. Hong Kong Resident who are serving the Construction Industry are eligible to apply as a member. 從事建造業的香港居民可申請成為會員。
  2. Upon acceptance of application, the CISVP Office will issue a membership card to you by post.申請一經接納,統籌辦事處將以郵寄方式發出會員證。
  3. Please complete this form in either English or Chinese.請用英文或中文填妥此表格。
  4. Please click a “✔” in the appropriate boxes. You should complete ALL parts of the form.請在適當方格內填上“✔”。所有部分均必須填寫。
Notice to Data Subject 資料當事人須知
Personal Information Collection Statement 收集個人資料聲明
  1. The Information you provide to the Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme (the CISVP), including any personal data as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance), will be used solely for purposes related to the activities of the CISVP, including for the operation of the CISVP mobile application. The information would be used for matters including but not limited to : 你向建造業運動及義工計劃(CISVP)所提供的資料,包括《個人資料〔私隱〕條例》所指的個人資料,只會用於包括CISVP應用程式運作等相關之CISVP事務。你提供的資料可能會用於(但不限於):
    1. monitoring and reviewing of services, conducting of research and surveys, and for discharging statutory duties; and 監督、檢討服務、進行研究和調查,履行法定職責;及
    2. participation in sports and volunteering training, and its related events and activities; and 參加運動和義工訓練及相關活動;及
    3. the operation, maintenance and improvement of the CISVP mobile application. CISVP應用程式的運作、維護及改善。
  2. For the purposes of promotion and to keep you informed of CISVP activities which may be of interest, the CISVP would like to use your personal data, including your name, appearance, voice, bio-data and likeness, phone number, correspondence and email address, to update you in relation to its activities or developments. 為讓你得知最新的CISVP活動,CISVP將使用你的個人資料,包括你的姓名、肖像、動態影像及聲音、電話號碼、郵寄和電郵地址,將有關訓練課程、活動項目和CISVP其他方面的最新資訊提供給你。
  3. You are free to decide whether you wish to receive such information. If you choose not to do so, please put a tick in the box below. 你可選擇是否同意接收上述資訊。若不同意的話,請於下列有關拒收資訊一欄指示之空格內加上「✔」號。
  4. You are entitled to request access to and for correction of any errors in your personal data. If you wish to do so, please write to the CISVP Office at 38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. 你有權要求查閱及修正你的個人資料。有關申請須以書面向CISVP統籌辦事處提出,地址為九龍觀塘駿業街56號中海日升中心38樓。
本人 不同意 以上各項。 I DO NOT agree with the above listed items.
本人 不希望 收到有關計劃的最新資訊。 I DO NOT want to receive further information on the Programme.