Publish Date 2023-03-13
Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme 2022

CIC - CISVP has actively supported and participated in "Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme" previously.

The Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme (“the Scheme”) has been launched again in 2022 to encourage different community sectors in building an age-friendly city that can cater for the needs of all ages. As part of the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project (“JCAFC Project”), the Scheme is the first of its kind in engaging different stakeholders , including companies, government departments or public organisations, to adopt age-friendly practices or provided products or services catering for the needs of the elderly in Hong Kong, they are all welcome to join and will receive a set of certificate and stickers as recognition.

The certificate and age-friendly sticker prove that CISVP has already adopted at least ONE age-friendly practice that was set out in the Application Form in our organisation, including other operating units of the organisation, during any period since 1 January 2019. They also recognise our participation and contribution to promote an age-friendly culture in Hong Kong.

Let all our construction industry practitioners support and participate in building a age-friendly Hong Kong together.

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