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The Construction Industry Sports & Volunteering Programme (CISVP) was established in October 2016 by Construction Industry Council (CIC) to encourage industry practitioners’ participation in sports programmes and volunteering services, as well as form their sports and volunteer team in organisations. We believe the CISVP will not only benefit the participants but also contribute to social harmony.

CISVP welcomes registered construction workers, students and alumni of Hong Kong Institute of Construction, staff working in oraginsations related to construction industry, members of professional bodies related to construction industry, and staff of Construction Industry Council and Hong Kong Institute of Construction to register as an individual member. You can participate in various events and enjoy different benefits once the registration succeeded.

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Corporate Member

CISVP launched “Corporate Member” system in October 2018 to further promote the spirit of sports and volunteering to more construction industry organisations. CISVP welcomes all the construction industry organisations to register as Corporate Member. The staffs or members of the construction industry organisations can enjoy exclusive benefits and participate in member-only events once the registration succeeded.

qualification Eligibility

  • All the construction industry organisations or related groups, including Government departments, associations, trade unions, professional bodies, academic institution, etc., that teams or interest groups have already been formed to participate in sports events or volunteering services, as well as support the mission and belief of CISVP.
  • No limit on the number of the participants of an organisation, but the participants shall be aged 16 or above (the criteria of participants’ age may be different in the events).
  • Once the application is confirmed, the organisation shall enjoy the following benefits, and fulfil the obligations, including complying with the requirements of events or services, accepting conditional assessment, doing your best to complete the required training and follow the rules.

responsibility Obligations

  • Shall promise to form a sports & volunteering committee in the organisation, the total hours of participating in sports events or volunteering services in a year shall not be less than 200 hours.
  • Shall comply with the rules and regulations of the events, and submit the details of participation to the contact person for verification and record.
  • Shall proactively participate in sports events and volunteering services organised by CISVP.
  • Shall organise the sports events and volunteering services spontaneously and encourage staffs/members to join.

benefits Benefits

  • Priority to join the sports events or volunteering services organised by CISVP, or receive referral of volunteering services from CISVP.
  • Insurance cover for all sports events and volunteering services organised by CISVP.
  • Receive the latest updates of CISVP regularly.
  • Participate in the Volunteer Award Scheme and get rewarded.
  • Eligible to use the CISVP Logo for promotional use once approved.
  • Eligible to upload the event details of sports events or volunteering services to CISVP website and mobile application, or publish on the promotional materials of the CIC.
  • Showcase the organisation logo on CISVP website and mobile application.
  • Be invited to attend the construction industry conferences, seminars, exhibitions or other related activities.

apply Application / Renewal / Withdrawal Arrangement

  • Please complete the “Construction Industry Sports & Volunteering Programme Corporate Members e-Application Form”.
  • The membership is valid for 2 years, please renew before the due date.
  • Please notify CISVP Office by email if any corporate members would like to withdraw before the due date.

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