Q1. What is the purpose of setting up CISVP?
Ans: The objectives of the CISVP are:
1) To raise the wellness and living quality of construction industry practitioners
2) To improve the image of construction industry, and establish as a healthy and caring industry
3) To enhance cohesiveness among the practitioners in the construction industry
4) To improve the labour-management relations, and strengthen the communication and collaboration between associations and trade unions
5) To assist the industry organisations to commit corporate social responsibility
Q2. Who / which organisation is eligible to join CISVP as Individual Member / Corporate Member?
Ans: CISVP welcomes the following categories of persons to join CISVP as Individual Member:
1) Registered Construction Workers
2) Students and Alumni of Hong Kong Institute of Construction
3) Staff Working in Oraginsations Related to Construction Industry
4) Members of Professional Bodies Related to Construction Industry
5) Staff of Construction Industry Council and Hong Kong Institute of Construction

CISVP welcomes any organisations related to construction industry, including works departments, associations, trade unions, professional bodies, academic institutions, etc., in which teams or interest groups have been formed to participate in sports activities or volunteering services, as well as support the mission and belief of CISVP, to join CISVP as Corporate Member.
Q3. Do I / we need to pay any membership fee?
Ans: Currently, Membership Fee is waived.
Q4. Once I / we have submitted my membership application, what shall I / we receive?
Ans: You will receive an acknowledgement of your application. Once your application is approved, the CISVP Office will send you a membership card. Besides, you will receive different latest news and promotion, like upcoming events, member benefits, etc., from CISVP regularly.
Q5. Can I / we submit my application online?
Ans: With a view to save the environment, we strongly encourage you to submit your application either via our Mobile Apps “CISVP” or our website www.cisvp.hk.
Q6. If I do not have a mobile phone or a computer, how can I submit my application?
Ans: You may fill in the Membership Application Form which can be obtained at the CIC Service Centres, HKIC Campuses or Training Grounds and return the completed application form to any of the above venues.
Participation in Events
Q7. Can I / we bring along my / our family members and friends to join CISVP events?
Ans: Some of the CISVP events welcome the participation of your family members and friends, and such will be stated in the events details.
Q8. Do I / we need to pay for participating in CISVP events?
Ans: No entry fee is required for participation in volunteering services. An enrolment fee will be required for individual sports event.
Membership Card
Q9. What shall I / we do if I / we have lost my membership card?
Ans: You must report the lost to the CISVP Office immediately and a replacement will be made to you as soon as possible.
Approval for Outside Work for CIC Staff
Q10. I am a CIC staff and want to join CISVP to perform volunteering services, do I need to apply for “Approval of Outside Work”
Ans: As CISVP is run by CIC, CIC staff who join CISVP to perform volunteering services are not required to apply for “Approval of Outside Work”.
General Enquiries
Q11. If I / we have any further questions, where can I / we make my / our enquiries to?
Ans: You may direct all your enquiries to the CISVP Office:
Tel: 2100 9488
Fax: 2100 9090
Email: cisvp@cic.hk
Address: CISVP Office, 38/F COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong