Caring Organisations

“Construction Industry Caring Organisations” Scheme

With a view of promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring culture in the construction industry, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) sets up the Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme (CISVP) in 2016. Serving over 470,000 registered construction workers, CISVP organised hundreds of sports events and volunteering services for the industry over the past few years.

In July 2019, CISVP launched the "Construction Industry Caring Organisations" scheme to promote the Corporate Social Responsibility and the positive image amongst the construction industry.


  • To promote the construction industry to commit corporate social responsibilities, caring for the community, and build a cohesive society. To improve the image of construction industry by nurturing the caring culture, and enhance the cohesion in the construction industry.


  • To raise public awareness of good corporate citizenship demonstrated by the construction industry organisations, and their contribution to a caring community; and
  • To recognise construction industry organisations which demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

Steering Committee

  • The steering committee members are the leaders or professionals in the construction industry and social welfare organisations, and responsible for the implementation and development.


  • The Caring Organisations Logo recognises construction industry organisations which demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

Eligibility for Application

The following construction industry organisations are welcomed to apply:

  • Contractors paying the levy;
  • Registered Sub-contractors of Construction Industry Council;
  • Consultants;and
  • Professional bodies

Assessment Criteria

  • Organisations shall comply with every 2 criteria in “Criteria 1:Serve the industry” and “Criteria 2:Serve the Society“.

Criteria 1:Serve the industry

Organisations are willing to take responsibility, serve the construction industry enthusiastically, and nurture new talents with traditional knowledge, including but not limited to:

  • Join the Main Contractor / Sub-contractor Cooperative Training Scheme;
  • Provide training courses to staffs;
  • Join the apprenticeship programme;
  • Provide continuing professional development course for construction industry;
  • Promote positive image of the industry;
  • Organize events with other industry; or
  • Institute sustainable development policy of caring.

Criteria 2:Serve the Society

Organisations participate in volunteering services, including but not limited to:

  • Organise and participate in volunteering services;
  • Support staffs to join volunteering services;
  • Make policies to encourage and reward staffs who join volunteering services;
  • Support the employment of vulnerable groups;
  • Purchase of products or services from social enterprises;
  • Customize different services in response to social changes.

Use of Logos

  • Awarded construction industry organisations can showcase the Logo on their promotional materials and events
  • All the content on the promotional materials shall be lawful, healthy, wholesome, honest, truthful, and no defamatory, discriminatory or offensive content is allowed.
  • Awarded construction industry organisations shall submit the samples of product or service using the Logo to cisvp@cic.hk for CISVP Office record.

Rules of Logo Usage, Duration and Delisting

  • The eligibility of a construction industry organisation to join the “Construction Industry Caring Organisations” Scheme is determined by the steering committee.
  • Awarded construction industry organisations shall comply with the mission and assessment criteria of the Scheme.
  • The effective period of Logo is 3-year. The construction organisation must immediately stop using the logo unless approval for renewal from the Steering Committee is gained;
  • CISVP reserves the right delist the awarded construction industry organisation under the principle of honesty.
  • CISVP reserves the right to warn the construction industry organisation, or even revoke the use of the Logo, if she is convicted of any criminal offence within or outside Hong Kong, or has to take the responsibility due to anti-ethical behavior determined by related statutory bodies, or judged of violation of public moral by the steering committee; and
  • CISVP reserves the right to change the logo, rules of usage and disqualify the right to use the Logo. CISVP reserves the rights for final decision.

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